Tina Jolliffe is the New Face in Town

Tina Jolliffe is the New Face in Town

Photos by Taylor Sullivan

Uptown, downtown, around town. Cat just didn’t know what the weekend would look like. And anything is possible on a summer Friday. This was proven swiftly and deftly by a just-out-of-the gate apparel designer Tina Jolliffe, who threw an insanely successful solo premier show… by herself.

Jolliffe single handedly gathered more than twenty models, convinced the Aveda Institute to style the stable of beauties, dressed them each in one of her many cute dresses, and marched them out flawlessly to an exuberantly packed house at Emerald City, a warehouse venue on Santa Fe that is more used to seeing drums and amps than patterned halters and pumps.

Though Jolliffe’s designs sometimes bordered on cookie cutter, she pulled a rabbit out of her hat by matching her simple cuts and picnic-ready patterns to just the right models, who spanned the spectrum of sizes and body types. From a summer spaghetti-strap on a 5 foot 9 inch, 105 pound model, to an outstanding red tank dress with flowers sprouting from the hem on a 5 foot, 1 inch model, Jolliffe’s dresses are an equal-opportunity path to cuteness.

It will be interesting to watch Jolliffe now as she starts courting boutiques and finding her place in Denver’s fabric mix-up. If she keeps creating the kind of excitement and accomplishment that she put up Friday night, Cat surely won’t be the only one with an eye on the fledgling designer.

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