TITLE Boxing Club will beat you into shape -- the gloves are off!

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Westword: How is TITLE Boxing Club different from other gyms?

Shawn Kirkpatrick: At most of the "traditional" gyms, once you purchase your membership you are presented with your choice of shiny pieces of cardio and weightlifting equipment, which is great. But unfortunately, it often stops there. You're on your own to figure out what to use, how to use it and what order to use it in to best fit your fitness goals. Many of us find this daunting, especially when we have to wait in line to use our favorite equipment. Or we find ourselves just jumping on a treadmill or elliptical and trying to distract ourselves so that we're not counting the minutes, or seconds, until our workout is over.

At TITLE Boxing Club we feature our Power Hour Boxing and Kickboxing classes. These are instructor-led classes where you can burn up to 1,000 calories. Members train like a pro fighter and perform boxing and kickboxing combinations on one of our 61 bags that weigh 100 pounds. During a class, our members enjoy a cardio workout that is both more fun and more effective than a session on the treadmill. They are also improving muscle tone because the heavy-bag work provides the same kind of resistance training that lifting weights does; your body can't tell the difference. As an added bonus, it is a very fun and positive way to relieve the physical and mental stress that arises daily in balancing our family, professional and social lives.

TITLE Boxing Club is a no-hassle club that gives you the experience of working out with a personal trainer in a group setting. Members are in and out in an hour, experiencing a total body workout that rejuvenates and energizes.

What specific practices does it follow?

While training is based on boxing and kickboxing, our members engage in a true, full mind-body workout. When you focus on hitting the bag and breathing with such a great cardio workout, you have no time to even consider other thoughts, so you leave with your mind clear and free, with all the mental anguish built throughout the day released. Try doing eight, three-minute rounds in a boxing workout; you will be so fatigued you can't dwell on life stresses.

TITLE Boxing Club also has a "fitness over fighting" motto. This is first and foremost a fitness club, and no real fighting is allowed inside the clubs. The classes here are meant to challenge each individual at every fitness level to the best of his or her ability to obtain optimum workout results, not for fighters to battle each other. What benefits does it provide compared to "traditional" workouts?

Our classes can be intense, which improves our members' overall cardio-vascular health. Burning up to 1,000 calories per class helps our members quickly melt fat away, which helps them look and feel better about themselves. Our workouts are also a great stress-reliever, which greatly enhances mental health and improves overall efficiency.

The TITLE Boxing Club workout leaves members feeling empowered, changing them not only physically but emotionally. The workout tends to boost confidence and energy in the gym, at home and at work. As members progress, they get better and better at the technique and timing, increasing endurance and skill as the trainers encourage and motivate. People who work out at TITLE develop a certain swagger and energy.
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