Reader: Confront T.J. Miller in Person, Don't Trash Him With Your Keyboard

T.J. Miller isn't the only comic up against the wall.
T.J. Miller isn't the only comic up against the wall. Deadpool
The Lion's Lair hosts the city's longest-running open mic comedy night. On Monday, September 17, a celebrity turned up at the door: Denver native T.J. Miller, who found fame and fortune in Silicon Valley and movies including Deadpool. But in the wake of a Daily Beast report that while in college, the comic had abused his then-girlfriend, Miller went from local hero to local zero in the eyes of some in the comedy scene.

Including comic and Westword contributor Byron Graham, who was co-hosting the open-mic night, and subsequently wrote about how he and his co-host had decided to handle the situation: Shaming Miller, but not confronting him head-on.

That inspired a few confrontations by readers. Says Ted: 
He's funny, he's from here, and not you or anybody else is a saint, so I don't give a shit.
Comments Samantha: 
Sure seems like the author is happy to use T.J.’s name for clickbait, and didn’t have the backbone to address him outside of admittedly “shaming” him. That sure is bold!
Asks T: 
Did this guy show up to an open mic just so a bunch of minor-leaguers would make him feel like a big shot? Bizarre behavior.
Says Terrie: 
Good game being passive aggressive as fuck. Fuck Miller, dude sucks, but just tell the guy he isn’t welcome on stage and be done with it.
Adds Bret: 
What was the point of the article? Because from my perspective, it reads like you are in desperate need for some sort of “attaboy” by the readers.

You have no issue with voicing your sour opinion of T.J. by trashing him from behind the safe confines of your keyboard, but you failed to muster enough self confidence to address him face to face.

I get that Westword isn’t exactly on the top of the media food chain and certainly won’t be winning a Pulitzer Prize in my lifetime, but this particular article is low bar even by Westword standards.
Concludes Jack: 
Question: Who is T.J. Miller?
Keep reading for more of our coverage of T.J. Miller over the years.

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