Today in stoke: 303 Boards' CLFX skateboard team video for just $3.03

The first video feature from 303 Boards' CLFX team premiered last week at the Bluebird and is online now for the bargain price of, yes, $3.03. Denver's a serious skateboard town, with some of the best (and most plentiful) skateparks in the world, urban spots with a worldwide reputation, and a handful of local pros and ams consistently popping up in the national magazines and contest circuits. At the center of the scene is 303 Boards (we gave the shop on Colfax Best Skate Shop Skate Team honors in our 2010 Best of Denver issue) and CLFX serves as a nice appetizer for 303's forthcoming full length feature, It's Always Sunny In Colorado. For a taste of what it's all about, dip into the spare change in your PayPal account and check out new parts from Alex Carrera, Damian Lynch, Jerel Roberts, Isiah Sanchez, Mike Marks, and Julian Christianson, tearing it up around town.

The price is right.

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Colin Bane
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