Today In Stoke: Banff Mountain Film Festival at the Boulder Theater, Night 2


Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour

wraps its two-night stint at the

Boulder Theater tonight
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before heading to

Denver's Paramount Theater on Thursday



. Tonight's seven featured films (peep the trailers after the jump) include

The Fall Line

, from Carbondale-based photographer and filmmaker Tyler Stableford, and

The Swiss Machine

, from Boulder-based filmmakers Nick Rosen and Peter Mortimer.

Chimæra, directed by Dave Mossop, Sherpas Cinema

Rush Hour Dream, directed and produced by Kerim Jaspersen and Christian Menn

Crossing the Ditch, produced by Greg Quail, Douglas Howard & Justin Jones

Into Darkness, directed and produced by John Waller

The Fall Line, directed and produced by Tyler Stableford

Life Cycles, directed and produced by Ryan Gibb and Derek Frankowski

The Swiss Machine, produced by Nick Rosen and Peter Mortimer, Sender Films

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