Today in Stoke: Lightweight backpacking clinic tonight with Andrew Skurka

Boulder-based adventurer Andrew Skurka estimates he's hiked/skied/trekked at least 25,000 miles in the last decade, including a 4,700-mile Alaska-Yukon Expedition in 2010 that was featured last month in National Geographic, so listen up tonight when he tells you how to pack light for your next adventure.

Skurka's the featured guest at the Lightweight Backpacking + Skills Clinic tonight at 7 p.m. at Boulder's Neptune Mountaineering, Table Mesa Shopping Center 633 South Broadway ($5).

Here's more on tonight's clinic, via Neptune:

Lightweight backpacking is safer, more comfortable, less expensive, and more fun than conventional/heavy backpacking. This clinic will demonstrate how and why. It will be given by distinguished long-distance backpacker Andrew Skurka, a lightweight pioneer who has hiked 25,000+ miles since 2002 ... Clinic attendees will be given the knowledge and skills to go on a 3-day 3-season backpacking trip with no more than 20 pounds of gear and food (sans water).

The clinic begins with a big-picture discussion about lightweight backpacking: why go light, core principals, steps to lighten up, etc. A show-and-tell of lightweight gear follows -- Skurka will demo an assortment of packs, shelters, stoves, clothing, and more. To finish, the audience assembles a single lightweight kit that is applicable to the environmental conditions and trip objectives most common on their trips.

For more on Skurka and his many adventures, visit AndrewSkurka.com

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