Today In Stoke: Meta Skateboards 10th anniversary party and Lumber Jockeys premiere

Boulder's Meta Skateboards celebrates its 10-year anniversary tonight at the Boulder Theater with the premiere of the new team video Lumber Jockeys and two other local videos: Properganda and With A Little Help From My Friends, plus performances by Speedwolf, The Cold North, and The Achievement. "Our goal has always been to grow and support the Boulder skate scene," says Sam Hines, the shop's owner and principal filmmaker. "In the ten years we've been at it we've seen a really great community come together based around skateboarding. It's fun to watch it grow, because there are always a bunch of new kids coming up and then you get the older guys, getting into their 30s and 40s and beyond, who are still ripping it, too."

In addition to new HD footage shot over the last year -- including a banger last part by Boulder local Jack Spanbauer -- Lumber Jockeys features a look-back section with a highlight reel from the shop's six previous videos.

"I started filming ten years ago with a digital Hi-8 camera," Hines says. "It's incredible how much skateboarding has progressed in that time, and even more incredible to have the technology now to be able to capture it in a way that does justice to it and to be able to make a really high-quality video. We've always focused on our skate videos as a way of trying to give back to community, grow the Boulder skate scene and give it some energy, and give people something look forward to and inspire them to push themselves a little bit harder."

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Colin Bane
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