Today in Stoke: Micah Cook on Never Summer's Shred 'em All

Today Denver-based snowboard company Never Summer Industries released the first trailer for Shred 'Em All, the second feature-length film showcasing its team riders. The world premiere will be in Denver in the Fall, but we figured the trailer was news hook enough to catch up with director Micah Cook for a quick Q&A about what local snowboard fans can look forward to. We've got the trailer and, for good measure, the previous film Made In America in its entirety after the jump... Westword: Made in America was very well received last year, with the big Snowboard Film on the Rocks premiere at Red Rocks and screenings all over the country. Can you tell me a little bit about the new film and what you learned from making the first one?

Micah Cook: I think the biggest thing we learned was just to go out, have fun, do what we do, and try to capture the fun we're having. We can't compete with some of the bigger snowboard films when it comes to getting tricks like triple cork 1660s, but what we can do is show what freeriding is all about, what snowboarding in Colorado and at some of the other places we love is all about. So, basically we just went out and had fun shredding a lot of powder. It's going to be a good fun movie.

"Shred 'em All" snowboard movie teaser! from Never Summer on Vimeo.

WW: There was certainly a lot of powder to be had this year! I had a powder day on opening day at Beaver Creek and powder days on closing day at a couple of other resorts, so it was a start-to-finish powder season.

MC: The snow this year was just amazing, which certainly doesn't hurt when you're out trying to get some good shots. It never ended! I mean, we're still getting some good days in because there's just so much snow up there. It's probably the best snow year I've filmed yet. I've never had so much powder to play with!

WW: Now that you're on a roll with two films in the can in two years, is this something you see doing every year?

MC: Yeah, definitely. I think we'll plan on going out and capturing what we can do in a year and putting a movie out every year as long as we can do it.

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WW: Were there any standout spots you made it to this year?

MC: We hit a lot of Colorado ski areas and Colorado backcountry. If you've got a favorite mountain, we probably hit it. We also got to Utah and Wyoming this year and got some great shots. We were just going for a good, all-around freeride movie with a lot of backcountry. We chased a lot of powder this season, got into some big mountain riding and some steep chutes and filmed some fun park and urban stuff. I think it's representative of Colorado snowboarding and what Never Summer customers are into, and the general direction snowboarding is heading in: People these days want to ride a bit of everything, and they want versatile boards that are going to do them right in any conditions.

WW: I got to ride some of next season's Never Summer boards at the SIA demo this year. Now that they've been battle-tested by the team riders for this movie, what can you tell us about the new boards?

MC: Our new Proto CT is a standout board that everybody is going to be talking about next season. It's our 20th anniversary board and it's a new model. A lot of the team guys were riding it this year and really dug it. The Evo and Revolver are our park and pipe boards, but they're also really fun on bigger mountain stuff. The Heritage is always popular with the freeride guys, especially in Colorado, and we've got a 20th anniversary Heritage for next season that's been getting great reviews.

WW: I know big-name pro riders have never been a big part of what Never Summer's about, but since the emphasis in the new movie is on your team riders, can you talk to me about the riders you do have?

MC: It's a tremendously talented group of riders. We've got Ryan Cruze, he's one of our big backcountry enthusiasts who goes out and gets it. Cooper Hoffmeister is one of our riders out of Utah, and he's going to have a real good part with a lot of urban stuff and some tricks he filmed out in Minnesota with the Red Bull winch system. We've got Chris Corning, a little grom who is going to have a really good part -- he worked really hard this winter and got a lot of decent shots done. Tony Pavlantos is out of Utah and Brady Farr is out of Crested Butte... they both have great parts. Heather Baroody and Mary Boddington really killed it this season. There's a bunch of great riders in the movie. Let's see... Cooper Scler, Nick Decicco, Jason Elms, Rajat Bhayani, Jason Hindman, Tom Flacco, Nick Larson, Ryan Stephens, Chris Lynch, Chris Chance, Jake Williams, Rick Rodriguez, Bill Rodriguez. Everyone had a great season.

WW: Is there a date yet for the premiere?

MC: It's still tentative, but we will do a big premiere event in Denver and we plan on doing a premiere tour with events in every state. We're still working the details out, but we're encouraging everybody to sign up for our newsletter at NeverSummer.com so you can stay in the loop and get the inside scoop.

MADE IN AMERICA-HD from Never Summer on Vimeo.

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