Today In Stoke: Ruby Hill begins snowmaking, set to open Rail Yard terrain park this month

Ruby Hill Rail Yard sponsors Winter Park Resort, Denver Parks and Recreation and Christy Sports took advantage of the new snow and cold temperatures this weekend to fire up the snowmaking machines in the park at South Platte River Drive & Florida Avenue, in preparation for a mid-January opening for the ski and snowboard terrain park. "Approximately 1 million gallons of water will be used to cover the area with snow," reports Winter Park spokeswoman Mistalynn Lee. "When it melts, it will return to the surrounding vegetation. Denver Water has agreed to let the City use this water as long as they reduce water needs in the summer by an equal amount. As a result, no water is being wasted -- just reallocated. To give back to a supportive community, partners come together to offer a free urban ski and ride terrain park that is open to the public. First established in 2007, Ruby Hill Rail Yard was the country's first free urban terrain park based in a city. The experimental program instantly became a nationwide model for numerous cities and ski resort collaborations." We'll keep you posted when the official opening date is announced, but look forward to competitions, demos, and other events to coincide with the SIA Snow Show, January 27-30.
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Colin Bane
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