Today In Stoke: Session the new airbag at Woodward at Copper

Progression in snowboarding and freeskiing moves pretty fast: Last year's double corks are already giving way to this year's triple corks, and gaps as big as 70 feet are now terrain park features at many Colorado ski areas. How, exactly, does one muster the cojones confidence to sack up, point it, huck one's fragile self off of these behemoths and try new tricks without getting your damned self killed? If you've ever looked at one of those big booters on the mountain and thought to yourself, "Yeah, right. Maybe if there were a giant pillow for me to land in," then today just might be your day.

This week the ski and snowboard coaches at Woodward at Copper inflated an enormous airbag on the slopes at Copper Mountain, the latest training tool in an arsenal that also includes indoor trampolines, foam pits, harness systems, and Snowflex jibs and jumps, all helping teach the aerial awareness and confidence you'll need to step up your riding.

To get a piece of the pillow, start with the mandatory One Hit Wonder Session ($59.99) in The Barn, then follow it up with an Airbag Session ($29.99; get a discounted lift ticket for $59 in the bargain if you don't already have a season pass).

Pushing yourself to go big without ending your season early? Priceless.

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