Today in Stoke: Skateboard films take over Ones and Zeroes tonight in Broomfield

Jeremy Frankovis, owner of Broomfield's Crisis Skateboards shop, is curating the selection of films for Hueso de Perro's Grindhouse "Skater Films" night tonight at 7 p.m. at the Bananelope Coffee Shop, 1405 US Highway 287. The event is part of the ongoing Ones and Zeroes Pixel Show film series, a project of the Broomfield Council of the Arts and Humanities. Look for the local premiere of Cruz San Francisco, from Frankovis' friend Gordon Eckler (trailer after the jump), as well as video clips from the Crisis Skateboards team and a selection of local filmmakers. Bring a playable DVD of your own work (15 minutes or less) and throw down for the "Open Vid" segment of the evening, a hallmark of the Ones and Zeroes events. "It's uncharted waters for me," says Frankovis. "I'm used to more of a core skate crowd, but Dylan from Ones and Zeroes approached me and asked if I had any films to show, so I figured I'd give it a shot: Broomfield's kind of few and far between when it comes to cool stuff, and I liked the sound of this project. I also kind of dig what they have going on at Bananelope, which is a tattoo shop-slash-coffee joint. I got a mocha there the other day and it was pretty awesome."

Frankovis says Cruz San Francisco bucks skateboard video stereotypes with an arty look at what it's like to spend a day skating rather than just a mishmash of tricks and slams.

"Gordon's vision was he wanted it to feel just like you were skating through the city, and to give it that flow," Frankovis says. "It turned out really beautifully and gives you that feeling of spending an awesome day with your friends."

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.