Today in Stoke: Snowboarder Celia Miller on board with Denver's SixEleven Productions

Time for some Time-Wasting Video! Breckenridge-based Celia Miller, a star of the all-female snowboard film Let's Make Better Mistakes Tomorrow, recently joined up with Ride Snowboards and Denver's SixEleven Productions for the fifth episode in the Ride With Us weekly video series. Miller and the crew hit Denver's Ruby Hill Rail Yard terrain park for some sledding shenanigans, report from inside the SIA Snow Show (where Doug from TS Boardshop fans out and gets her to sign his tits), then cruise up to Winter Park to check out next season's boards at the SIA On-Snow demo.

The SixEleven Productions crew is currently filming for It's Our Fault, the follow up to the 2010 film STOP... Hammertime!

Ride With Us Ep.5 Sleds and SIA from Ride Snowboards on Vimeo.

For good measure, here's Miller's part from STOP... Hammertime! and the trailer for Let's Make Better Mistakes Tomorrow:

Celia Miller Snowboarding from SixEleven on Vimeo.

Let's Make Better Mistakes Tomorrow from peepshow on Vimeo.

Visit the Snowboarder Mag site for a free download of Peepshow's Let's Make Better Mistakes Tomorrow.

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Colin Bane
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