Today In Stoke: Snowporning, 10th anniversary snowboard film from Freeride.CZ

Ever wonder what a bunch of dudes from the other side of the world make of our mountains when they come here to ride? Freeride.CZ, a "riders driven" online action sports magazine based in the Czech Republic, is celebrating its 10th anniversary this week with the online release of director Radek Karko's new flick Snowporning. After seeing damn near every ski and snowboard video release this year, we're still stoked when a film with a unique perspective and a lot of riders with funny marks over the letters in their names shows up, especially when some of the footage was shot right here in Colorado at Breckenridge, Keystone, and Berthoud Pass. Full video after the jump... Czech it out!

Snowporning The "10th" Movie from Freeride.cz on Vimeo.

Snowporning features riding from Darek Bergmann, Tomáš Tuzar, Roman Kuřil, Darek Macháně, Jirka Mališ, David Liptay, Honza Nečas, David Čonka, Radim Hovad, Roman Dlauhý, Štěpán Rokos, Peiman Lotfi, Takacz Balasz, Tomáš Tuzar, Filip Gutwirth, Martin Černík, Yan Renelt, Matuš Hubka, Martin Matoušek, Jakub Šimůnek, and Martin Jimmi Štrougal, which I mention solely so you can see all those awesome accent marks in one place.

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