Today in Stoke: U.S. Forest Service supports 550-acre expansion at Breckenridge

On Friday, the U.S. Forest Service approved plans for Breckenridge Peak 6, a proposed expansion in White River National Forest that would open 550 additional acres at the Breckenridge Ski Resort and add to the resort's "comfortable carrying capacity" by 1,100 guests (the resort regularly exceeds its current CCC). The area would be served by a new six-chair lift, a 150-seat guest services facility at mid-mountain and a Ski Patrol/warming hut at the top of the lift.

In a statement released on Friday, Breckenridge senior vice president Pat Campbell said, "We are excited to see the approval process move forward because we firmly believe the proposed Peak 6 expansion will greatly enhance the recreational experience for our guests."

The proposal has been challenged by environmental groups because of possible negative effects to wildlife, including endangered lynx populations, and the Forest Service is now accepting public comment on the project's Draft Environmental Impact Statement through July 25 at www.BreckenridgePeak6.com.

From the project abstract:

The proposed Peak 6 development encompasses approximately 550 acres of lift-served and hike-to skiing. The terrain would be accessed by a proposed six-person lift and by traversing from the existing Imperial Express to the north. In addition, two facilities would be constructed to accommodate guests--a top terminal ski patrol/warming hut and a 150-seat guest services facility at the proposed lift mid-station. The mid-station would serve as an additional lift loading point for skiers round-tripping the Peak 6 terrain. With the development of the proposed Peak 6 lift and associated terrain, the CCC at BSR would increase by 1,100 guests to 16,020 guests. A Forest Plan Amendment is proposed to amend the 2002 Forest Plan Standard "ALL S1."

For more on the story, check out the full report at SummitDaily.com.

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