Today in Stoke: Winter's Children: Naked Ambition nude snowboarding video

Today's stoke comes to us via our ever-watchful friends at YoBeat (tagline: "Making fun of snowboarding since 1997"). Director Jim Mangan's short film Winter's Children: Naked Ambition features vintage snowboards, woven Native American blankets, and a noticeable dearth of winter clothing (or any clothing at all) on the seven featured riders. The film (video after the jump) was made during a shoot for Winter's Children, Mangan's new nude photography book, which publisher Powerhouse Books calls "a baptism, with the cold snow washing away the neon filth of consumerism and serving as a bracing reminder of snowboarding's pure origins."

Here's the artist's statement, via Nowness.com:

"It is an overstatement of why I started snowboarding," says the filmmaker, who for the last 11 years designed runs at Park City Mountain in Utah, where he served as creative head. "It's also a statement about points in life when you put yourself out in the cold, naked. It's not necessarily comfortable, but that chill in your bones makes you feel alive."

Winter's Children: Naked Ambition on Nowness.com.

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