Tomorrow: Guinness records for evelopes ripped, grapes eaten with a small spoon to be challenged

Deepak Sharma Bajagain already holds four Guinness records, and tomorrow, he'll attempt to add two more to that illustrious legacy: Most Envelopes Torn in Half in 30 Seconds and Most Grapes Eaten in Three Minutes by a Small Plastic Teaspoon. Yes, these are actual entries in the Guinness Book of World Records. Nobody knows why. What we do know is that, with the prestige of his current records in Longest Marathon Reading Aloud, Most Cloves of Garlic Eaten in One Minute, Most Stamps Licked in One Minute and Longest Control of a Table Tennis Ball with a Table Tennis Bat, he's got an excellent chance. We also know he's doing it for a good cause.

It's part of a collaboration between local nonprofit the Global Lynx Foundation and the Nepal Tourism Campaign; it just so happens that, in addition to being the world's finest of several obscure categories, Bajagain is also Nepal's Goodwill Tourism Ambassador -- apparently they wear a shitload of hats over there. Basically, the record-breaking attempt is a stunt to raise funds for the Lynx Foundations efforts to feed children who need it. "These are all local efforts involved in purchasing, packaging and distributing food to kids in Colorado and around the world," says foundation president Joseph Lavigne. "Global Lynx Foundation is an organization that can harness that work."

As far as the record-breaking itself, Lavigne explains that its purpose is twofold: to draw attention to the cause and to make a point about world hunger. "He was actually going to do the most meatballs eaten in one minute, but there was a problem with that one, so we did grapes instead. But we wanted him to break a food record to show the imbalance of how much food we have in the U.S. versus places in other parts of the world where children are starving."

For Bajagain, the effort is at the same time slightly more personal. "He's working on becoming an elite member of the Guinness world-record holders," Lavigne says, "those individuals who hold ten or more world records."

And to that end, we wish him luck -- but we're pretty sure he's not going to have to work that hard. The current record for Most Envelopes Torn in Half in 30 Seconds is a measly 36 -- which, come on, we're pretty sure we could do better than that right now, although we're not going to find out because that would be a waste of precious envelopes, and we need those to burn for heat when it gets cold out. The record for Most Grapes Eaten With a Small Plastic Spoon, meanwhile, is 172, and these are seedless grapes that aren't even on a stem we're talking about.

Nevertheless, we'll be there -- at Community College of Aurora Campus (Forum) at 16000 Centretech Parkway at 6 p.m. tomorrow -- to witness the spectacle; we'll bring back video coverage of that on Monday, and we'll be Tweeting the coverage live @westwordculture, so be sure to follow us! And these aren't even the dumbest world records that have been shattered in Colorado -- we'll be bringing you a breakdown of that on Monday, too. Stay tuned!

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