Tomorrow: Ka-pow! Action Figures to the rescue!

Some years ago, Denver artist (and Westword MasterMind, class of 2007) Katie Taft instigated and curated the Self Made salon series at Mario's Double Daughters Salotto, wherein artists gave informal talks and networking and discussion ensued over food and drink. Financial realities and life then got in the way, and Self Made went on hiatus. More recently, it's been back, though, with a new name -- Action Figures -- and, until now, a more erratic schedule. But during the March Month of Photography, Taft has been producing weekly installments, and she says Action Figures will assume a regular schedule thereafter, on every fourth Tuesday of the month.

One major difference between the old Self Made and the new Action Figures is the location. One reason Taft originally went with the more informal bar setting was to attract people who wouldn't normally go to an art talk, but she's now found a willing partner in the Flash Gallery at Belmar's nonprofit Working With Artists studio. "It can be intimating," Taft admits of the more serious milieu. "I hope I'm not losing some of that group."

Get out there and show Taft she has nothing to worry about: The final MOP-related Action Figures features tête-à-tête with curator Rupert Jenkins of the Colorado Photographic Arts Center and his colleague, artist/photographer Cinthia Fiss; the talk begins at 6:30 p.m. tomorrow, and admission, for the time being, is free. Visit Action Figures on Facebook to keep up with future news and bookings, or call call 303-888-2679. Working With artists is at 445 South Saulsbury Street in Belmar.

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