Tonight: An art collector's paradise at Sellars Project Space

What's a secondary art market? It's a sale of works that have been sold before and are back on the market. The advantage of buying these pre-owned works, from the collector's point of view, is the clear picture it gives for a work's resale value and present worth in the volatile art market. Attend one during Off the Wall, tonight from 6 to 9 p.m. at Sellars Project Space, 4383 Tennyson Street, where gallery-goers will have a chance to purchase works by Daniel Sprick, Mark Travis, Michelle Torrez, Kevin Weckbach, Martha Daniels, Wilma Fiori, Mary Scrimgeour, George Carlson and many others, courtesy of the Art Services Company. The evening will also serve as the kickoff for Art Services' new online Secondary Art Market Program. Following is a preview featuring some of tonight's secondary art market works.

A Cabinet of Curiosities by Martha Daniels: $1,500.
Signed print by Dale Chisman.
Black Stockings by Mark Travis, $2,500.
Gates, photo of Christo and Jeanne-Claude installation.
Untitled by Wilma Fiori, $4500.
Someone's Uncle by Sharon Brown, $650.
Untitled by Olga and Aleksey Ivanov, $1,200.
Humming Bird by Mary Scrimgeour, $600.
High Tea by Marie Gibbons, $650.
Self Portrait by Ray Schelgunov, $2400.

For more information on The Art Services Company call Candice Pulliam, 303-296-0997.

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