Tonight: ArgusFest activist Jason Bosch remembers the March to Fulfill the Dream

After last summer's three-month March to Fulfill the Dream, a journey from New Orleans to Detroit meant to bring about awareness of and empowerment to the nation's poorest people, ArgusFest activist/videographer Jason Bosch learned that the road home was much longer than anticipated. "When I got back, I was overwhelmed and burnt out from the process," he says. "I had a lot of equipment stolen and we weren't funded, so I came back with a lot of debt." The debt hasn't gone away, but he's finally been able to plow through the hundreds of hours worth of video footage he brought back with him, from documents of protests his group participated in along the way to an inspiring interview with Georgette Norman, the director of the Rosa Parks Museum in Montgomery, Alabama.

He got a lot of good stuff, he says, but because of a hectic schedule and lack of funds, it's still too piecemeal to make one cohesive documentary. Instead, he's pulled together a retrospective of clips and stories, which he'll present tonight as an ArgusFest fundraiser. Some high points? Bosch met a lot of people on the trip, including one urban farming group in Flint, Michigan who'd reclaimed an abandoned home, of which there are thousands in Flint, and planted a beautiful garden in its yard. And in Nashville, right after the devastating floods there, he ran into a homeless group whose tent city community built under a highway was wiped out and joined them as they picked through the ruins of their underpass home for the first time.

Now he's ready to begin sharing: Bosch speaks at 7 p.m. at the Mercury Cafe, 2199 California Street; admission is a $5 donation (or more, if you can) at the door.

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