Tonight at Buntport: The Great Hamantasch/Latke Debate is back

Which is better: the hamantasch or the latke? That simple question is suddenly not so simple when placed in the hands of the Buntport Theater crew and faculty members of the University of Denver's Center for Judaic Studies, who are preparing to debate the issue -- for the third year in a row.

Why? First of all, because Jews do not answer important questions with simple answers. They are raised to debate as wee pishers at the dinner table, and it never rubs off, making them impossibly doctrinaire about everything from how to make a brisket to, well, which is better, hamantaschen or latkes. And that's an age-old issue that's been discussed at dinner tables and universities all over the world. You can expect countless rabbinical interpretations, along with a lot of hifalutin' foodie opinions.

Whatevs. Jews are also known for their humor, as are the Buntporters, which means tonight's debate will not only make you hungry, but cause tears to roll down your face as you laugh. Odds are good, though, that you won't get a real answer to the question.

The face-off begins at 8 p.m. tonight at Buntport Theater; tickets are $5 to $7. For reservations or information, go to Buntport's website or call 720-946-1388.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.