Tonight: Itchy-O trashes the Disaster House

You know the drill: House gets messed up, tool-lugging good guys come in and save the day. That's the constantly replaying plot on the DIY Network's Disaster House, where the destruction is creative, but the denouement workman-like. Still, trying to figure out how Denver techno-guerrilla marching band Itchy-O got in on a piece of that action is a little difficult to grasp. You see, someone knew someone, so they submitted a YouTube video and the gig was theirs: Before they even knew what happened, the masked bandits of the Itchy-O Marching Band had their shot at the big-time on the cable T-and-V. And all they had to do was be themselves: march like their lives depended on it and help mess up -- I mean, really, really mess up -- the floor in a Castle Rock home. Then, the Disaster House team would show the viewing public how to fix it. Itchy-O head honcho Scott Banning says lots of face time was promised the band for its participation, but even he doesn't exactly know what will make the cut. "They had a whole a parade: There were eight llamas, there were Shriners driving around in little cars, there was a high school marching band -- they were desperate for a marching band -- and, let's see, there were bagpipes and roller girls. It was a blast! And they put us at end of the parade; we were the grand finale. We shot off fireworks in the living room."

See the Itchy-O Marching Band tonight in Disaster House at 8:30 p.m. on DIY, Comcast channel 277 in Denver. And if you want to get more of Itchy-O, catch them live Friday night from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. at BINDERY | space, 2180 Stout Street, where they'll perform to benefit the Harm Reduction Center and Improbable Pictures. And Saturday, they open for March Fourth, a marching band from Portland, at Moe's, 3295 S. Broadway, Englewood. Tickets are $10 to $12. Meantime, here's a little teaser:

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