Tonight: Titmouse puts the focus on Colorado artists

When Serena Chopra traveled to writing communities in Washington D.C., New York, and Oakland last year, she noticed something that was missing in Denver: a community literary journal. As a response, Chopra and co-founder Daniel McDonald created TitMouse Magazine. The literary art magazine seeks to promote Denver artists through the journal as well as at free events like tonight's An Evening With TitMouse Magazine.

"In Oakland they had poetry readings at people's houses that were just huge," Chopra explains of what she discovered during her travels. "They also had a lot of handmade journals that were just stapled together and passed around, and people took a lot of pride in them and wanted to be in them. I felt that that was something that Denver needed." Last September, TitMouse pressed its first issue, and has another planned for release in late February. "We definitely have terrific journals like the Denver Quarterly," Chopra says, "but that publishes anybody's work." What makes TitMouse different is its focus on promoting artists working in Colorado.

But when Chopra says artists, she doesn't just mean writers and visual artists, who are often the only focus of literary magazines. Each issue of the magazine comes with a CD insert featuring musicians like Fingers of the Sun, Ian Cooke and Charles Ballas, fulfilling TitMouse's mission to, as Chopra says "bring artists of all genres together in one setting with hopes of inciting collaboration."

The evening is poised to do just that, uniting a diverse group of artists by featuring poetry readings from Ruth Ellen Kocher and Andrea Rexilius, who will both be published in the magazine's upcoming issue. Peekaboo Sole Productions and Angie Simmons will offer innovative dance performances, and Ross Etherton & The Chariots of Judah and Charles Ballas will provide the tunes.

In addition to the eclectic group of artists in one room, the event also promises free champagne, PBR, and wine. The evening kicks off at 8 p.m. at The Dikeou Collection at 1615 California St., Suite 515. For more information about upcoming events, visit TitMouse's facebook page.

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Robin Edwards
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