Tonight's Gorinto at the Mercury Cafe: Now bigger, better and with more Fugazi

Tonight, the Mercury Cafe's (2199 California St.) food and entertainment throwdown Gorinto does it again -- but even bigger this time. Along with its usual eclectic dinner spread and live music offerings, the celebration will host a fashion show from recycled clothiers Buffalo Exchange. The line-up and menu are equally rad, as Plastic Children share the stage with End Hits, a Fugazi cover band, meaning that yes, for just $10 ($5 at the door and $5 for a made-from-scratch, organic vegetarian meal) you can enjoy a heaping serving of baked mac n' cheese while listening to Fugazi. A genius combination for this mildly blustery day, if you ask us.

Along with the mac n' cheese, Gorinto curator and Merc employee Corey Elbin and his cooking cohorts will offer up marinated tempeh with stewed tomatoes, a fresh salad and plenty of booze from the bar, or for the non-drinkers, a huge selection of hot teas. This semi-regular event begins at 8 p.m. and aims to bring a diverse array of sounds and tastes together in the venue's comfortable, welcoming atmosphere. With homemade, veggie-friendly fare, live bands and DJs, and a fashion show for just $10, Gorinto is making Wednesday night look pretty good.

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