Too Much Mousey Business

Lafayette-based artist Lisa Michot wants you to know that it's Ignacio Mouser, her papier-mache rodent alter-ego, and not Lisa herself, who is an associate member of NEXT Gallery, so take that knowledge and a grain of salt with you when you go to see Ignacio Mouser and Friends, a small show opening tonight. One can only surmise that Michot, who lightheartedly creates, poses and photographs Mouser and other characters at landmarks and other scenic spots, is the mouse's discreet, behind-the-scenes stylist. So strong is Mouser's independent vibe that he even has his own Facebook page, and no one can say for sure who is leading whom in this symbiotic artist/subject relationship.

Michot says that for this exhibition, which will mainly consist of Mouser photos, she's introducing some new characters -- a few dogs and even a "Godzilla-type monster" -- to fill in for the "friends" portion. "I'm trying to broaden my scope," she explains. "And I'm trying to work larger. I'm working on a small installation of Christo's 'Over the River,' which will be a whole scene with the river and Christo and Jeanne-Claude mice in the foreground. There's a possibility that it will be in the show."

Ignacio Mouser and Friends opens tonight with a reception at 6 p.m. and runs through April 1 at NEXT, 3659 Navajo Street, along with When One Is Not Enough, a collage show by Barbara Gal in the main gallery; for more information, call 303-433-4933 or visit
March 16-April 22, 2012

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