Toot Your Own Horndribble

The Horndribbles are the cutest cryptozoological creations you’ll ever see. Looking like the cuddly, mutant offspring of a sock monkey and Cthulu, these monsters are a snuggly synthesis of childhood horrors and dreams. The whole grotesque menagerie is sculpted of felt, fur and googly eyes by Lucas Richards and Sarah Cassidy, with descriptions of their behavior and origins contributed by Brett Duesing. The trio has documented the existence of such bizarre creatures as the mammoth-like Blue-Eyed Sinustra, the eye-covered Blobbly Wobbly, and the slithering Snaily-Waily, just to name a few. And though they have studied these rare, elusive and unbelievably darling beasts for only a few short years, they’ve documented the existence of dozens of them, with more being uncovered all the time.

Now the latest in Horndribble research, the Mystery of the Wakatrance, is being made available at the Thin Man, 2015 East 17th Avenue. The opening reception, with special musical guest Six Months to Live, doesn’t happen until June 5, but eager monster-seekers can beat the inevitable crowds and get a jump start on their research when the show starts tonight.

Get up to speed with past Horndribble studies online at, or call 303-320-7814 for more information about the show.
June 3-30, 2008

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