Top 5 airboarding videos on YouTube

The extreme-sledding craze known as airboarding got its start in Europe, but it's crossed the pond in the past few years. I believe Keystone, Aspen, and Winter Park are the only Colorado resorts that are allowing or offering it in any form as of 2009-10.

It's basically sledding down the mountain face-first on an inflatable bodyboard. The speeds these guys hit are simply insane -- the record is nearly 90 mile per hour. Above is a video of the record-holder Laurent Matthey setting the mark in Switzerland a couple years back. After the jump -- in no particular order -- are four more entertaining videos...

This video of Laurent Matthey and his posse has much better production values than the one of his record run:

Here's a news story on a Russian resort with airboarding galore that's a good primer on the phenomenon:

This eight-second clip captures an airboard acrobat in all his glory:

An ad from the makers of the Airboard:


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