Top five extreme Santa videos

So it almost goes without saying that Santa Claus isn't known for being the dude with the most wicked moves on the mountain. He's better known for superlatives involving his stomach, his speed in a flying sleigh, and his generosity with his stash. But as the following videos attest, Mr. Claus can more than hold his own on skis or a board -- or breaking into apartments in Moscow.

1) Santa heli-snowboards winter with skiing elves in tow (sweet Magnum, P.I.-tinged Christmas music to boot):

2) Santa does Silverton -- goofy intro but dig the editing and the wipeouts:

3) This Santa shows off some pretty good moves at Mountain High in California -- but I'm pretty sure the Lindsey Buckingham song is unauthorized:

4) Okay, so Banff's Santa Claus is not extreme in the least -- but he has a real beard and that counts for quite a bit:

5) What could be more extreme than climbing into apartment windows in Moscow?

(Embedding disabled -- link here.)

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Eric Peterson