Top five signs of spring in Colorado's ski country

Old Man Winter is about to croak. Daylight savings time is toast. Squirrels and birds are working their way onward and upward on our ski mountains. The vernal equinox is on March 20; in one week and one day, this winter is technically one for the books.

So, the top 5 signs of another bunny season in Colorful Colorado ...

5. More slush. The snow is getting wetter and the sun is getting stronger. That makes for more slush, which sadly turns into ice when it freezes.

4. More flesh.
I saw my first bikini top of the season on the slopes at Beaver Creek last week. 'Nuff said.

3. Crazy wicked blizzards. Those who know say March is Colorado's snowiest month. I remember being blown uphill, snowblind, near the top of Lift 2 at Loveland during an April snowstorm a couple of seasons back. Then I had a beer and went home.

2. Parties galore. The increased sun has everybody's frontal lobes all atwitter (this goes hand in hand with #4). Spring breakers from colleges in all directions converge on the slopes for a month. Breck's spring-break calendar alone includes a Dukes of Hazzard party, a toga party, and, er, a Shrimp Gone Wild party. I'm not making that up.

1. A glint of sadness in the eye. The season's nearing its end. In a few short weeks, we could well be looking at five months before Loveland or A-Basin reopens. Unless, of course, we rally and head to South America this summer...Portillo, anyone?

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Eric Peterson