Top ten Show and Tell posts of 2011

Depending on who you're listening to, the world is going to end in 2012, or the world will undergo some sort of transformation. Either way it's spiritual. What's not spiritual, however, are these cold, hard numbers: The top ten posts on Show and Tell during 2011, which may or may not be the last full year the human race will sweat, cut each other off in traffic and debate the nationality of its leaders. In that spirit, here are the final numbers, the top ten posts of 2011. Read on for David Sedaris' Denver appearance, 50 reasons why Colorado is the best state in America and why it's always been on like Donkey Kong.

10. Happy Birthday, Paul Newman! Five films you would have made better 9. Summer season suck: The 6 worst movies Hollywood crapped out this year 8. White People with Dreads: A field guide 7. It's on like Donkey Kong: A brief history (infographic) 6. Ten people who should host the 2012 Oscars 5. The 10 best David Sedaris quotes from last night's lecture, presented free of context 4. Groundhog Day: Five underappreciated Bill Murray roles 3. American Skins Versus U.K. Skins: Looks like MTV forgot that the boobs were the best part 2. 50 reasons Colorado is the best state in America 1. Westword - Denver Art - Show and Tell

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