Tour de Coops: A preview of really cute animals!

One whiff of today's

Tour de Coops

event -- a self-guided tour of chicken coops, goats, bees and culinary gardens in Boulder back yards -- might make you cry, "Farm animals? Not in my back yard!" Which is cool; no one's saying you have to harvest your own food and produce. But aren't these animals SO CUTE?

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Goats and Chickens- December 2009 from Brian Kraft on Vimeo.

That's the self-described barnyard of Highland-based Heirloom Gardens, a multi-plot urban farm and Neighborhood Supported Agriculture (NSA) program.

Did you see that goat chew on that branch? SO CUTE!

To learn more about backyard chicken-keeping, check out Heirloom's classes on its Meetup.com page.

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