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Travon Williams follows his dreams when designing for Anthony Rose Designs

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Fashion designers find their inspiration in many ways. Travon Williams, the creative artist behind Anthony Rose Designs, actually follows his dreams. Williams is one of the many new designers emerging in Denver's growing fashion community; he recently put his dreams on pause to talk with us about his inspiration and his designs.

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Westword: What was the first thing you ever designed/made?

Travon Williams: The very first thing I ever designed was in 2008, when I joined my high school's fashion club and we were preparing for a high school competition and the theme was "circus." I had designed the ringleader's costume but the show never happened, so I didn't get to sew it up. What inspires you?

Right now my biggest inspirations come through my dreams. I normally have dreams that inspire my visions for the fashion shows and the clothing lines.

What is your take on the fashion scene in Denver. What is good, what's bad, and what needs work?

So, my take on the Denver fashion scene is that in a few years I can definitely see us being put on the map as a major fashion community. We do need to work on supporting each other and bonding together to pull each other up so that no one's clawing their way to the top. What is the one thing the fashion community could do to support you?

The only thing I would like from the fashion community is for the people to come out to see my shows, because I work very hard on putting them together. I also would love to do more collaboration with others in the fashion community. What advice do you have for those who are thinking about a career as a designer? My advice to anyone wanting to be a designer is follow your heart and do what inspires you. Design what you love! I do want to say thank you to all of my friends, family, staff and supporters for your help through my career thus far, and I love you all. Thank you.

How/where can we purchase your designs?

Well, right now I don't have a complete website up and running but you can definitely contact me at AnthonyRoseclient@yahoo.com, and I accept serious inquiries only.

If you could choose one famous person to wear your designs, who would that be?

I would love to have Tamar Braxton wearing my clothes -- she's getting a lot of attention right now, and I think one of my designs at a red-carpet event would push me in the right direction.

Travon Williams will be hosting his catalog launch party at the New Climax Lounge. Meet the designer, pick up a catalog and stay for the party. General admission is $6.00 at the door. To RSVP contact Anthonyrose_bookings@yahoo.com.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.