Trilogy of Terror kicks off next Friday at the Bug

What's better than one classic horror movie transmogrified into a stage musical full of blood, gore and dance numbers, right in front of your eyes? How about three classic horror movies given similar treatment, and then tagged with a sweet name like Trilogy of Terror? Now, what's even better than that? One very reasonable ticket price for all three shows.

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Next Friday, August 23, the Bug Theatre is kicking off its Trilogy of Terror with Evil Dead: The Musical, a fully realized stage adaptation of Sam Raimi's classic tale of ancient evil, demonic possession and rapey trees, complete with a "splatter zone." That runs through mid-September, and in early October Night of the Living Dead will bring its apocalyptic zombie goodness to the Bug for its fifth year. To cap it all off, we get the regional premiere of Carrie: The Musical, an adaptation of Stephen King's tale of a telekinetic teen with low social standing and poor impulse control, starting November 8. The cost for all three tickets? An eminently affordable $45 -- just $15 each to enjoy three of horror's all-time classics with more song-and-dance numbers than ever before.

"They all kind of went together in this really harmonious, amazing way to create this trilogy of terror," explains Evil Dead: The Musical director (and Night of the Living Dead actor) Deb Flomberg. "It's a blend of three companies, the Bug Theatre, the Equinox Theatre and Papercat Films. We've all come together to create this whole package. It's a really great way to see all three and just live the bloody season at the Bug."

Trilogy of Terror tickets are on sale now through September 14 at the Bug Theatre website.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.