Trio With a Twist

I'm from Detroit. Not a whole lot gets by us, but after my latest discovery, I feel a bit daunted. Because even after living in that incredible music city all those years, I was stunned when I first set foot in my new favorite record shop, Twist & Shout, at 2508 East Colfax Avenue. Every corner contains yet another undiscovered, essential gem — and it doesn't stop with recorded music. Tonight there's an in-store appearance by the effervescent John Butler Trio, an advance look before the band's show tomorrow night at Red Rocks with Michael Franti and Spearhead.

This exclusive — and free — event should shed light on just why the Australian trio has turned heads with its latest album, Grand National. Is it folk or funk? Never mind the occasional blues licks or bluegrass-straddling banjo. The main attraction is the heart and intensity of the tunes.

Arrive early for the 6 p.m. show: The last time JBT stopped by Twist & Shout, not only was the line out the door, but it ended up being one hell of a jam, complete with a signing session of the band's custom-made posters. Now, that's customer service! And as you exit the store, check out those 33 1/3s and catch up on some of the band's inspirations.

For more information, call 303-722-1943 or go to

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Liz Copeland