Tron: Legacy is this week's most ridiculous movie trailer

It's kind of a ridiculous idea to remake/sequelize Tron, a movie that was, no joke, inspired at least in part by the early video game Pong. Ridiculous, that is, but canny. The original is beloved by nerds everywhere -- and not without reason; the plot and special effects are hilariously campy, and a bang-up performance from a then pre-Dude Jeff Bridges gives it a touch of class. What's not to like? And with the remake/sequel bringing back Bridges plus the whole 3D/CGI/IMAX gamut of mind-grape-popping eye-candy, it's guaranteed that every nerd will see it.

And so, without a need for the film to justify its existence, it's actually a fairly brilliant idea to devote about seven eighths of this trailer's run-time to a sweet motorcycle race that is utterly without context. We don't know what this film is about, we have no idea who the characters are, hell, we don't even really know who the protagonist/antagonist is here -- and these are things that a film trailer would normally have to establish with at least some degree of certainty. Not here. All we need to know is that it's Tron, and that, damn, is that motorcycle chase ever awesome.

So, so awesome.

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Jef Otte
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