Tunebug Shake: Gear you want but don't need

As much as I like my Ween, I hate wearing earbuds when I'm cruising down a slope or riding my cruiser in Denver. I want to hear the skiers and 'boarders on the slopes as well as the bikes and -- most importantly -- cars and trucks on the road so I won't end up becoming an accidental snow angel or slice of road pizza.

The Tunebug Shake has a better way to balance your iPod's music and the sounds of the real world. And you'll have to keep reading after the jump to find out what it is, because the embedded YouTube video with the blender above makes no sense whatsoever.

The Tunebug Shake mounts onto any standard helmet and turns it into a surround-sound system -- without sacrificing ambient noise. Connect an iPod or other digital noisemaker by wire or Bluetooth and the Shake vibrates the helmet so the helmet itself is the speaker.

Tunebug previously released another product, the Vibe ($69.95), that turns a desktop or tabletop into a speaker, and will launch the bigger and better Quake, featuring a built-in microphone for use with cell phones, in the near future.

The Tunebug Shake will be available next month (April 2010) for $119.95. You can pre-order it now at www.tunebug.com.

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Eric Peterson