Turning 80, Frisco super-skier still tearing up the corduroy

Summit Daily News columnist Miles F. Porter IV opened with a shout-out to Jay Brossman for his 80th birthday on Sunday, and I wanted to second the notion.

I briefly met Jay after getting onto his chair on the Lift 2 reload at Loveland last spring and our conversation sticks out as the single most interesting one I've had with a stranger on a chairlift.

He had already skied over 200 days at that point last season -- he finished with 236 -- and he'll be halfway to that mark for this season a day after his birthday on Monday. Then he told me he skied every day the lifts ran because he'd had a quintuple bypass some years back and his doc told him skiing was the best thing for his heart.

I found a 2008 profile of Brossman by Devin O'Neil that put his high-water mark at 255 ski days in 2002-03. Here's a little excerpt:

"Them people," he says of his peers, "they only do three, four days a week. And none of 'em do seven days a week. ... They say, 'You mean you go weekends?' And I say, 'Yeah we go weekends. We go to Loveland. There's no big crowds there.'"

In a county with four world-class ski resorts and endless Nordic and backcountry skiing options, Brossman represents just one of the many ways Summit residents approach the concept of everyday skiing.

He counts his days in a journal, hates the powder - "We're from the East," his wife says. "We can ski 4-6 inches, but I'm too old of a rabbit to hop" - and paid a total of $331.50 for three different season passes this year.

Good stuff. Happy birthday, Jay!

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