Tweet Psych reveals the secret intentions of some of Denver's biggest people and places

Tweet Psych uses keyword algorithms to create psychological profiles of anyone with a Twitter account. Lady Gaga, for example, evidently tweets about sex 681% more than the average person. We have our doubts as to the usefulness of this thing beyond gimmickry, but what a fun gimmick it is. Judge its accuracy yourself: Below, several prominent Denver Twitter accounts analyzed.

Click on the entity's name for full Tweet Psych profile

Tom Martino Five highest percentile traits: Media (847% more than average) Learning Future Leisure Money

Five lowest percentile traits: Past (29% less than average) Anxiety Senses Positive Emotions

Colorado Department of Transportation Five highest percentile traits: Primordial (164% more than average) Future Senses Money Social

Five lowest percentile traits: Emotion (76% less than average) Self-Reference Leisure Media Past

Tim Tebow Five highest percentile traits: Emotions (158% more than average) Positive Learning Future Social

Five lowest percentile traits: Negative (67% less than average) Money Control Leisure Thinking

MCA Five highest percentile traits: Numbers (173% more than average) Money Time Learning Primordial

Five lowest percentile traits: Self Reference (89% less than average) Negative Thinking Leisure Anxiety

John Hickenlooper Five highest percentile traits: Media (270% more than average) Work Positive Emotions Leisure

Five lowest percentile traits: Numbers (67% less than average) Thinking Self Reference Past Future

Adam Cayton-Holland Five highest percentile traits: Sex (451% more than average) Media Numbers Self Reference Negative

Five lowest percentile traits: Work (73% less than average) Constructive Positive Leisure Future

Dealin' Doug ERROR: Not enough unique words.

All's fair: our own Show and Tell twitter account apparently dwells on sex 941% more than the average user. So there's that.

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