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Twelve Denver arts flashbacks from 2012

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Noah Van Sciver's The Hypo, published by Fantagraphics Fall 2012

It's not hard to imagine Noah Van Sciver as a kind of cartooning Bob Cratchett, bent over his creaky drafting table in a wool scarf and hat, painstakingly cross-hatching his way through pages and pages of comic gold. That's totally not true, but there's genius in this young man's mind and fingers, and he's earned his success with hours and hours of hard work, turning out his Blammo comics, "Four Questions" in Westword and countless other works. His new graphic novel, The Hypo, which illustrates a little-known chapter in the life of Abraham Lincoln, is hitting all kinds of top-ten lists nationally this season, and we can hardly wait to see what he does next.

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Becoming Van Gogh, DAM October 21 - January 20

We'd barely caught our breath after YSL left town, when Becoming Van Gogh reclaimed the Denver Art Museum's walls for fine art. The dream and brainchild of curator Timothy Standring, the exhibition is the result of years of research, and even more years spent wheeling and dealing for the right conceptual puzzle pieces; its goal, to meticulously demonstrate Van Gogh's growth from artist to master, is beautifully realized. Kudos to the DAM for this in-house masterpiece.

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