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Twenty buddy cop movies worth seeing again

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21 Jump Street (2012) Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill play up their dumb hunk and over-eager police cadet roles for an A+ revamp of the high school-based 21 Jump Street revamp. Unlikely as besties, cops, and students in the flick, the duo somehow makes old-school material look cool again. -- Tatiana Craine

Cop and a Half (1993) Ironically adored by anyone older than 8 who also doesn't have children, Cop and a Half stars Burt Reynolds and Norman D. Golden III, a precocious boy who adorably proclaims: "I'm your worst nightmare: an eight-year-old with a badge!" -- Nick Lucchesi

Training Day (2001) The anti-buddy cop film, Antoine Fuqua's Training Day essentially shows Denzel Washington's Detective Alonzo Harris torture and eventually try to kill Ethan Hawke's Jake Hoyt over the course of its two hours. This is one of the rare police-partner films to earn an Academy Award (Washington for Best Actor). We're already suspicious that Washington's Harris is extremely dangerous before he says to Hawke, "Didn't know you liked to get wet, dog." -- Nick Lucchesi

In the Heat of the Night (1967) A winner of five Academy Awards -- but not one for Sidney Poitier's powerful performance -- In the Heat of the Night pairs Poitier's Detective Virgil Tibbs with Rod Steiger's Police Chief Bill Gillespie. "Now just what do you do up there in Pennsylvania to earn that kind of money?" asks an incredulous Gillespie about money found on Tibbs, to which Tibbs responds, "I'm a police officer." The two work together to solve a murder, but only after Tibbs' police chief back in Philadelphia tells him to stay in Mississippi to solve the crime. -- Nick Lucchesi
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