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Twenty buddy cop movies worth seeing again

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48 Hrs. (1982) A prototype of the '80s buddy cop movie, and one of its greatest: Grizzled cop (Nick Nolte) pairs with Eddie Murphy, who is at his most smart-assed. -- Nick Lucchesi

Turner & Hooch (1989) Scott Turner (Tom Hanks) is only days away from leaving the department -- a play on the buddy cop stand-by of the veteran officer being close to retirement, of course -- until a local man is killed and Hanks is forced to "partner" with the dead guy's dog, Hooch. -- Nick Lucchesi

Men in Black (1997) Space cops Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith. You can gather which one is the grizzled vet.

Rush Hour (1998) Chris Tucker's Detective Carter doesn't want a partner -- but he gets Jackie Chan's Detective Lee in Brett Ratner's Rush Hour. There's a kidnapping the two cops need to resolve with explosions and martial arts aplenty. This buddy cop film -- the first of a three-movie franchise -- marked Chan's big entrance into Hollywood. Today, he has his sights on opening a school that can train tomorrow's Jackie Chan. -- Nick Lucchesi
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