Twenty Questions Sex and the City Style

Only 24 more hours before the streets are lined with Sex-a-holics. It’s been nearly five years since we last saw our girls, so take a minute to make sure you’re still up on all the gossip of years gone by.

Here’s a sampling of questions from the Sex and the City Trivia Game, available here.

1… What street does Carrie live on? 2… Who got Chlamydia? 3… How many martinis’ can Smith drink in one sitting? 4… Why did Carrie spend so much money in Dior in Paris? 7… Who said, “I proposed to myself”? 8… Who did Samantha befriend while waiting to see NY’s hottest breast cancer doctor? 9… Who had a flirtation with a guy in a building across the street? 10… Who told Miranda: “He’s just not that into you”? 11… Who got dumped via Post-It note? 12… What is the name of Miranda’s maid/ nanny? 13… What animal woke Carrie up at dawn? 14… When speed dating, what did Miranda claim to do for a living? 15… Which of the following women never guest starred on SATC? A – Lucy Liu B – Sally Field C – Margaret Cho D – Candace Bergen 16… After they broke up, how long did Steve sleep on Miranda’s couch? 17… True or False: Mr. Big never, actually, read Carrie’s book? 18… Which food item whispered obscenities at Miranda? 19… Which character was the only person to show up at her own birthday dinner? 20… What is Mr. Big’s real name?

Essay Question: Which of the girls do you most identify with and why?

For the answers, scroll down. No peeking, now.

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