Twitter Tuesday: Cazwell has seen Beyonce at Burger King

In honor of the

PrideFest 2011

celebration going down in Denver this weekend, we wanted to highlight


, the New York City DJ and entertainer set to blow our minds on the main stage at Civic Center Park on Sunday, June 19. His tweets are all kinds of gay, and that's what we love about him -- almost as much as we love his song "I Seen Beyonce," which details the supreme diva's order at the fast food restaurant. Never heard of Cazwell? No better time to get acquainted with the Youtubian pop star's music and awesome tweets than just a few days before the bang up show. Aw, a man after our own hearts. Nothing says "I'm an active part of popular culture" quite like adding one's own words to the lexicon. "Exhausticated" is very much how we feel most of the time -- especially after a good work out to Cazwell's own sexy jammer "Ice Cream Truck." Seriously, girlfriend. Maybe Ambien is a little bit of an extreme measure, but Cazwell is correct: Passengers who insist on bringing children on a plane should prepare by (at least) giving the kid some cough medicine. It is hard enough to read


, watch TBS and enjoy a beverage while sitting in an uncomfortable chair next to someone who smells. The last thing we need is a screaming baby trapped in the germy-aired cabin with us. OMG, neither are we, Caz. Between Wienergate, Dr. Kevorkian's death and Marie Callendar's declaring bankruptcy, the world is pretty insane right now and we are not in any kind of state to deal with it. Somebody get us a cocktail. Or some Burger King.

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