Twitter Tuesday: Harlem is a band, and its tweets are both gross and awesome

The general rule for Twitter Tuesday is that we cannot highlight the account of someone/something unless it is public. Meaning, just because we are friends with a person and can read his or her or its tweets doesn't mean we can share them with everybody. Basically, we're just holding out until our favorite Los Angeles celebrity-in-our-eyes Blaque Chris makes his Twitter account public so we can exploit his brilliance. Anyway, this week we chose Austin-by-way-of-Tuscon band Harlem, because they are funny and they kind of remind us of Blaque Chris.

Plus based on the band's tweets, some of them might be gay, and well, we love gay people. They are generally funnier tweeters than straight people. Just saying.

Agreed. Thanks to Netflix and YouTube, we too can no longer forget how emotional things got on our favorite prematurely-canceled early '90s real-life teen drama. Nothing compares to the amount of time we spent waiting for Jordan Catalano to just say something. At least we had Catelynn and Tyler's seriously true love on the first season of 16 & Pregnant to get us through our '30s. Does Lady Gaga own regular underwear? Was Lindsay Lohan actually born in 1975? Does Gucci Mane just really love ice cream? These are all questions we think about daily, and Harlem, we think about day-to-day Marilyn Manson apparel too. We're guessing if he does own sweatpants, they are some really sick black Emily the Strange brand leisure wear that he can also don for yoga. Quit reading our minds! Okay, initially this Tweet left us a little concerned about you, Harlem. This sounds like some serial killer shit. But then we remembered that if you were in danger, you would probably tweet for help. And maybe you're sunburned or something. Aloe is also a good skin calmer, if that truck bed doesn't work out.

We also enjoy laying in the back of random people's trucks on their damp towels, and we tweet about it on @WestwordCulture! Follow us right now!

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