Twitter Tuesday: Hunx shows you his, so show him yours

In this special edition of Twitter Tuesday, we're highlighting the perverse and artistic Twitter work of Hunx, leader of bratty throwback band Hunx and his Punx. Whether you're a fan, a fag hag (like myself) or just a curious reader, Hunx's daily entries about food, sex on the road (his band comes through Denver this Saturday, May 7, at the hi-dive) and shopping are beyond hilarious. But a fair warning: This gentleman's tweets are sometimes X-rated, so if the thought of drinking your own pee grosses you out, Hunx may not be the tweeter for you. Though the tweet about the now-deceased Jay Reatard is sad (and definitely worthy of a sad-face emoticon), there is still something funny about pee. While drinking it is socially unacceptable, for sure, Hunx makes it humorous and worth public sharing. He probably wasn't the coolest guy at his middle school, but he was most likely the friend you kept around because you could get them to do anything on a dare. Even drink piss. We can definitely align ourselves with Hunx's frustration -- nothing is worse than when Jesus interferes with our consumption of cosmetics. If only the retail world recognized how awesome he is, Hunx could be as important as Cher or Britney, and stores would open up just for him to shop. This tweet is mostly a shout-out to old-school Hunx fans: His former band, Gravy Train, was much like his current outfit (dirty and out of control) but did seem to attract more of a nerd fan base. The fact that leather daddies are catching on to Hunx and his lady Punx is a good sign: He may be that much closer to total queer world pop domination!

We also get upset at Jesus when he gets between us and cosmetics. Follow @Westwordculture right now!

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.