Twitter Tuesday: Liz Lee of My Life As Liz gets real. Real nerdy.

Like a snarky, self-aware Angela Chase, Liz Lee of MTV's My Life As Liz doesn't know how to not be herself -- which is, of course, what makes her the most lovable thing to grace the former music channel's digital airwaves since Daria or Kennedy. Though many of her tweets are promotions for her own show (which seems like a requirement of all MTV personalities' Twitter content), some of them are just good old post-teenage thoughts about fashion, music and the occasional ambiguous rant about boys. Dude, right? This kind of thing happens to all of us, and it sucks. But Liz can't help being herself, and she tweets what we wish we could say out loud. Though in this situation, we don't know what you're ever supposed to say out loud. It is a time-honored Internet tradition to use avatars on social-networking sites that are generally not you, instead using famous people or cartoon characters or animated gifs of girls jumping up and down while making cupcakes. But when using your actual photo, Liz warns, the angle of your photo can change everything: Some people just have better-looking left sides than right sides. Liz got us thinking: What if real life was the Internet, and you could walk around with a winking Angelina Jolie head on your shoulders instead of your own? Speaking on the ever-pressing topic of normal social behavior, Liz makes an excellent point: When did being "real" become just "being an asshole"? Liz reads our mind most of the time, and we appreciate that. She's good at being real without being a jerk -- but that comes with the nerdy-sweet territory. Speaking of being nerdy-sweet, we wonder if Liz would be our real friend on Facebook, if she knew how much we thought she ruled.

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