Under the Gunn recap: Glade customizable challenge

Under the Gunn opened last night without Stephanie Ohnmacht; the Denver designer had been sent home the week before. But the show starring Tim Gunn still has a hometown hero: Mondo Guerra is one of three mentors -- along with Anya and Nick -- advising the contestants who remain. Last night, those designers were given the challenge of creating a look that would transition from day to night, a challenge that was sponsored by Glade's new plug-in customizable room fragrances. And the guest judge for the challenge was Grammy Award-winning rapper Macklemore.

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Last night "hands on Nick" reappeared, advising Oscar on a design concept for the challenge that worried the other mentors. When questioned by Nick, Natalia's tears returned as she wondered whether she could handle finishing in the bottom three again -- and the other designers questioned why she wasn't sent home last week. Mondo asked Michelle why she believes the judges are responding to her designs; she said she "threw them off" last week with her underwhelming work in the unconventional beach challenge.

The judges unleashed both praise and wrath on the designers in the Glade challenge. Sam's score fell in the middle of the pack, so he was given a safe pass for the challenge. Oscar, Shan and Natalia received accolades from the judges, who described their looks as powerful, impressive, different and trendy.

But Asha, Michelle and Blake heard stinging descriptions of their work, ranging from poor fit, superheroish and boring to the line of the night: "I'm not her gynecologist," used to describe Blake's nighttime cocktail dress that was too short for the judges.

Waiting in the lounge for the judges' decision, Mondo and Anya confronted Nick with their frustrations regarding Natalia, and how she continues to survive each challenge when all she has produced is unfinished work and she lacks the ability to make decisions on her own. Even so, the judges gave Natalia, along with Shan and Oscar, a pass -- so they will all return next week. Oscar was declared the winner, making this his second win. To Tim Gunn's surprise, Mondo and Anya voiced their displeasure to the judges about Natalia, warning them that they will regret their decision.

We'll know more next week, when the designers will be paired on teams -- which is guaranteed to produce fireworks.

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Tracie Keesee