Under the Gunn recap: Pompeii team challenge

Last week we celebrated as Team Mondo, with Denver designer Mondo Guerroa as mentor, won its third challenge with Asha's glam, grunge-winning design for Disney superstar Zendaya. Meanwhile, the remaining members of Team Nick were questioning his mentoring skills after watching Isabelle getting thrown under the bus and send home. Last night's episode of Under the Gunn started with three designers remaining on each of the teams, and the competition really heating up.

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The guest judge for this week's challenge was Wendy Partridge, Emmy award-winning costume designer who created costumes for the new movie Pompeii. The designers were to work with their teammates to create a three-collection look inspired by Partridge's designs, the Getty Villa and the movie Pompeii.

The instructions called for designs that would be worn, not costumes, and "hands-on Nick" recommended a resort-wear collection for the team challenge. His team members were not happy with how he hijacked the creative process, though, and ended the meeting with no cohesive plan. The other two teams, working well together, watched the chaos unfold.

The runway presentation brought mixed results for the teams. Team Mondo's collections earned a safe pass but didn't win the challenge. To everyone's surprise, Team Nick's collection won, with Anya's team finishing last. Oscar was named the individual winner of the challenge and won the $5,000 prize. T

On Team Anya, Nicholas's tunic-and-skirt creation garnered the harshest critique; he was told the mosaic design on the tunic looked as if "my five-year-old nephew took a pair of safety scissors to cut the pieces." Still, the judges couldn't decide who to send home: Nicholas or Shan. In a surprising turn of events, the judges agreed that they wanted to see more from both Nicholas and Shan, so they allowed them to stay.

All designers were safe -- this time -- which should make next week's challenge even more exciting.

Under the Gunn airs locally at 7 p.m. Thursday on Lifetime; Mondo is hosting an Under the Gunn viewing party every week at Beauty Bar.

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