Vera Wang Coming to a Kohl's Near You

While Kate Moss's collection for Topshop was getting mocked off the international stage last week, Vera Wang was presenting her new collection exclusively for Kohl's, under the moniker Very Vera. Yes, Cat did say Kohl's.

Starting this fall, the masses can buy dresses, handbags, intimates and whatever else comes out of the mind of the $100,000 wedding-dress maker. According to the Associated Press, "Wang said that 'it has troubled' her for quite a while not to be able to offer her designs to all women. 'We have been quite elitist in terms of price points.'"

But not in terms of size: The clothes won't be available above a size 16.

Cat isn't judging this collection yet, as she can only find these two pictures from the fall line (via WWD). But certainly Cat will have more to say once the garments are in local stores. For now, Cat likes the dress -- it has a lot of Wang's typical romantic design elements, such as ruching -- but who styled it with the knit cap? It looks like the model's head has been consumed by some rare disease that you don't want to look at, for fear of being rude, but yet can't help but stare. Since it's a fall dress, maybe Wang was suggesting ways to keep warm when only wearing a slip of fabric, but if that's the case, may Cat make a suggestion: a coat. Very, very odd, indeed.

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