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Video: Adam Cayton-Holland makes his late-night debut on Conan

After a teaser in which Conan O'Brien plugs his standup guest as Adam Clayton-Holland (a reference to the U2 bass-player that Adam Cayton-Holland is surely used to), Denver's former What's So Funny? columnist was introduced to one million nation-wide fans in his late-night TV debut. Utilizing material familiar to local audiences, Cayton-Holland killed with his advice on why you should never name your children after cities lest they become strippers, why Wendy's new slogan is like testicular cancer, and what UPS has to do with the Supreme Court ruling Brown vs. Board of Education.

Continue reading to watch a video of the performance.

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Here's the full video:

Following his set and a commercial break, Conan wished the crowd goodnight, while Cayton-Holland sat on the couch beside the night's other guests, Identity Thief star Genesis Rodriguez and Hit & Run creator Dax Shephard. As the credits rolled, Cayton-Holland leaned in to chat up the striking Rodriguez, but was soon interrupted by an enthusiastic O'Brien, who shook his hand and seemed to deliver praise and an invitation to return -- though the sound was off, so it could just have easily been "now get out and don't steal any tequila shooters from the green-room, ya no talent bum."

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