Video: Man sets world record for most grapes eaten in three minutes

Deepak Sharma Bajagain broke two Guinness World Records on Saturday, March 26, at the Community College of Aurora as part of the Work for Children Food Campaign 2011 hosted by the Global Lynx Foundation and Nepal Tourism Campaign: One for the Most Envelopes Torn in half in Thirty seconds, and one for the Most Grapes Eaten in Three Minutes with a Small Plastic Spoon. Not content with the ridiculousness of those records themselves, we shot a video of Bajagain eating the grapes, sped it up and set it to the best song ever: "Yakety Sax." You're welcome, world.

At the end of the day, Bajagain managed to eat 180 grapes total, beating the previous record of

172 grapes set by Ashrita Furman

in June 2010.

They were just the most recent world records set here in Colorado.

Bajagain also tore 44 envelopes in half in 30 seconds, beating the previous record by eight envelopes and bringing Bajagain's total Guinness world records to six -- he said Saturday after the event that he intends to break at least six more before the year is over.

Both attempts will have to be verified by the Guinness World Records office.

Ticket and food sales from the Work for Children Food Campaign 2011 will go towards feeding hungry children in Colorado and around the world, including Nepal, Haiti and Africa.

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